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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    No that Cena/AJ stuff is over thank goodness.

    Who is facing Taker if Punk doesn't? I'd like to see that match.

    As long as he is present at every show.....don't see the problem with Rock being champion. Should he lose it to the guy who works like 1 day a year in Taker to make everyone happy? That is stupid.....idiots!! Take your hate shades off...
  2. LoGik's Avatar
    i disliked how cena go the belt back so quick but...maybe its a way to get the belt back on punk without giving him another win over cena and not having punk use cheap tactics. i was glad mark henry got the WHC because he deserved it. it was nice to see orton lose clean. the miz and r truths entrance was the best of the night "YOU SUCK"!
  3. lastcall's Avatar
    I would have liked to see Del Rio keep a hold of the title a little longer...doesn't make sence for him to loose to Cena then squash someone like John Morrison the very next night...if he was that good he wouldn't have lost to Cena in the first place....
    Couldn't agree more about Byran...why is he not actually makes the money in the bank weak as even if you win it and cash it in you just loose it at your 1st ppv defence.
  4. wphill's Avatar
    Yeah sorry mrfargo, I should have been more clear, I meant he stopped the pin fall.

    AOF666, I never thought of it like that but I agree with you, Del Rio did embarrass the WWE... I just wish they didn't give the belt back to Cena.

    Having just watched RAW im sure you would have heard about the Triple Threat Hell In A Cell match which includes Alberto Del Rio, they could have made this match on Raw last night without giving the belt back to Cena and the main event would have been exactly the same.
  5. EricChampion's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mrfargo
    Great Blog, I agree with most, but when you say the ref was counting HHH out, this was a no DQ match, there was no counting out.
    He said Truth stopped the count as in the pin fall.
  6. AOF666's Avatar
    I don't like Cena being champ neither but in this case it was a good idea. Let's face it, Cena buried Del Rio in one promo, he exposed him as a fraud and a coward. Also look it at WWE point of view, Del Rio embarrassed WWE, they gave him a title, then he had a hard time getting a work visa. For 2 weeks their WWE champ wasn't their, he wasn't liable, they couldn't count on him being there when they needed him. Del Rio should of make sure everything was taking cae of before they decide to make him champ.
  7. mrfargo's Avatar
    Great Blog, I agree with most, but when you say the ref was counting HHH out, this was a no DQ match, there was no counting out.
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