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  1. DM Tea's Avatar
    Right on HarlemHeatseeker and right on Greatness. @thetheme some people will never like the Miz, and I accept that. However, he IS a heel. You're technically not supposed to like him. Only problem is, he's really only got Rey Rey and Cena to go up against and most of us are bored to death with them. I guess if they can't build a better babyface it's not very helpful for the Miz to piss you off.
  2. Greatness's Avatar
    Unlike some folk I followed the Miz since Real World: Back to New York. I love the fact that the WWE gave him to ball for 6+ months...they built him up nicely. However, there are too many people in the main event right now so if the Miz can't get the WWE title back, let him go after the IC belt. He's already had the United States belt, so no need for him to get that belt again for a while.

    I am soooooo tired of Rey. He is the one being shoved down my throat. Ever time I turn around he's in a #1 contender's match...either have he turn heel or retire. He's stale.

    I agree with all the R-Truth statements. There is so much he can do, but Jo-Mo is once again holding people's careers back.

    Alberto Del Rio. Rammed down everyone's throat. Glad they didn't give him the belt at MITB.

    I agree that we don't need Miz vs. Cena again, but I'm still waiting for face turn heel from Cena r Rey...don't want the respect match too many recently.

    Other wrestlers that will be fine; Sheamus, Mark Herny, Daniel Bryan (thanks to MITB), Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrent.
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    The miz. Still annoying, still mediocre, and still no creditbility. Should have cashed in and lost. He has been shoved down our throats and the only reason that many have jumped on his lazy style bandwagon is because he targeted Cena. And we know how that goes. Anyone that goes against Cena people start cheering for and jump on their bandwagons.

    R Truth. Great heel turn. Little too late though. At least he has talent, but it's the same when it comes to the against Cena bandwagon. He only got 1 shot at the title, and that's a damn shame.

    Punk. As soon as he went on commentary and talked about Cena, many jumped on the bandwagon. Not taking anything away from Punk, but facts are facts.

    Midcard titles. Too many people not getting a shot and are in limbo. Too many heels and not enough good marketable faces to work with. It's harder being a face than it is being a heel. If no one believes in the face then that person will get nowhere.

    They had a 3rd tier title already. The ECW title, and you see how that went. They could bring back the European title for Raw and the Television title for Smackdown, but then people would still complain about there being too many titles.

    Tag Teams. I agree here. Tag Teams died out because managers died out for the most part. Bring back MALE managers with feeling, mic skills, and character. I'm wondering who will Kane or Big Show will team up with next to get the tag titles within a year or so.

    Alberto Del Rio. By Summer Slam, new WWE champion. Nuff said.

    Rey BETTER get the title, not miz. We don't need to see Cena vs miz again, and that would happen if that goofball gets the title again.

    Morrison, Sheamus, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan, Drew, Cody, Ted, Wade, Kofi. Show so fire and good character (again for some) to get the croud believing.

    Michael Cole. STOP shoving miz down our throats, and no more matches please.

    It's not PG that's the problem, it's how lazy the wrestlers are ORDERED to be. Bret Hart and HBK were champion in a PG environment remember, and look at what they gave...
  4. AOF666's Avatar
    Unfortunetly R-Truth is stuck on stand by because of Morrison's injury which is a shame. There is so much potential they are wasting with his conspiracy theory. Starting to build Barrett up is a good thing. The whole Punk angle was another. Giving Christian the title is a positive, hope they don't screw him again by giving it back to Orton.

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