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  1. kersh's Avatar
    when i read this topic i thought it was about an eric young skit i hadnt seen
  2. kiltbill's Avatar
    Theiconsting - I haven't seen WWE in years. And it doesn't matter if WWE are doing the same, or worse, than TNA. TNA's problems are TNA's problems.
    I don't pay to watch WWE PPV's because I don't pay to watch RAW/SD!
    I don't pay to watch TNA PPV's, even though I get Impact for free, for the reasons listed above. Why waste my time and money to only be dissapointed, knowing that the next house show will be a 20 minute ramble about how "X interfered in Y & Z's Title match at ABC, now get your ass out here"?
  3. steveorton's Avatar
    Good blog and I agree with you mate
  4. DM Tea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theiconsting
    Your blog is a complete load of bullshit, its not like any other wrestling company eg the E hasnt had dq finishes before you fucking retard. All you dumbass spoon fed E marks on here make me sick the E has been shit for years apart from a few good Punk promos how blind are some of you morons!
    Thanks, troll. This is my third time telling you that you're a stupid piece of shit. You're comparing sporadic DQs to a complete and total devaluation of a "World" title and as I've said before, you're a shit-eating TNA troll.
  5. kashani1984's Avatar
    Great read. Agree with you 100% its WCW all over again. I dont watch TNA anymore, i will admit I was interested in seeing what Hogan & Bischoff would bring to TNA, but I never expected WCW Version2.0. What happend to AJ being the face of TNA?
  6. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Fair enough im just sick of all these E marks slamming TNA all the time it pisses me off sure it could be a lot better but the E could be a whole lot better too
    [QUOTE=Hesterica;bt30232]@Theiconsting he's not comparing it to the E. But to counter your "argument", yes the WWE has had their fair share of screw finishes. BUT what the blog is pointing out is the fact that for the past year, PPV main events of TNA doesn't end clean 90% of the time which was exactly like WCW before going down completely.[/QUOTE]
  7. Mike Awesome's Hair's Avatar
    Well said. All the cheep run in's. Hmmmm, sounds familiar. Didn't something like this happen about 13 years ago somewhere below the Mason Dixon line? NW something lead by an Eric something and Whats his face Hogan. Stable consisting of 3/4 of the company, run in's on every match main event or not. Oh, but their angles made sense...........sometimes...............and they still went out of business.
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