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DM Tea Is On Point!

This blog focuses on analysis of pro wrestling. You are not going to see me posting some fanfiction wank. I will be posting a series of opinions, insights and questions.

  1. TNA, WTF episode 3: Eric and Terry piss all over the "World Title"

    Actually, it's not even a World Title. Not even a little bit. Why? I know I keep harping on this, but it's only because they keep doing it: RUN-IN AT THE PPV TITLE MATCH AGAIN, GOD DAMN IT ALL!! I've been harping on this for awhile so I just decided to compile some notes on the PPV title matches and a couple of notable title changes on IMPACT!!! This does include a No Surrender *spoiler*.

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  2. TNA, WTF episode 2: the SHOCKING RETURN of Mr. Anderson

    OK guys, I'ma generally try and keep all these WTFs short, sweet, and nasty. This one, however, is gonna be a more meaty post because there's some shit going on here that disturbs me.

    Here's the nutshell: 2 weeks ago Kenny Anderson gets beat down by Immortal. IMPACT this Thursday we're shown these little shots of combat boots walking throughout the show. Then in the Immortal match here ...

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  3. Breaking The Streak - CM Punk vs. Undertaker?

    I used to think that the Streak should never be broken. It's that one untouchable legacy in the WWE today... or at least it was.

    CM Punk is poised for a push of epic proportions. This current angle is one of the best things that I've ever seen on a TV screen and clearly a lot of people agree. They can't even keep his merchandise in stock. If they carry out this angle properly, CM Punk ...

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  4. Should Punk Defend The Title In Japan?

    I think so. This is kind of a reach, but whatever. I'm high and it's fun to think about this stuff.

    If the WWE can make some sort of deal with one of the companies over there it would be a huge deal. I don't know what they'd want to get out of it as far as straight up money from the events and TV and PPV and whatever. What I do know is that they have a lot to gain as far as legitimacy, ...

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  5. Cena Heel Turn: MISTAKE

    Sup y'all. Third blog today. That's what happens when you drink wine and use Sheiky Baby's "medicine."

    I think this idea of a Cena heel turn is well-meaning but not a good business idea. What is it going to accomplish? Here are the typical reasons why people go heel:
    1) For some reason they're not quite over as a face. they need to get vicious and beat the living hell ...
  6. Bring Back Masked Kane- You're Joking, Right?

    I'm pretty gosh darn tired of something, folks. Every time I read anything having to do with Kane, with what's wrong with the E, masked wrestlers in general, monster heels, fire, necrophilia, the 90's, breakfast cereal, the color red, whatever, there's some yahoo talking about putting the mask back on Kane. Here's why it's not the right move.
    First of all: not going to happen. Absolutely not, ...

    Updated 07-22-2011 at 08:25 PM by DM Tea

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