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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Kong will be back for Mania most likely so she be in the Divas match. I think they could bring Trish to face her since Trish has said she wanted to
  2. Abs's Avatar
    I can not believe you actually believe christian will fight big show, and rey is injured and wont be back till after mania.
  3. TheWonderKid's Avatar
    I really like your card. The Kane vs. Undertaker match is my favorite. Though if that happened, I would want both of them to come back a ways before 'mania to give it the build it deserves.
  4. The Brown One's Avatar
    I don't want to really see matches with Mark Henry and The Big Show against those smaller talent. The giants would make the matches letdowns. I'd rather have them off the card, or have them face each other. But other than that, great card, and its one of the most realistic ones I've seen!
  5. jonod's Avatar
    D bryan v Big show WHC match - they're friends now but with this only blossoming as a result of the Mark Henry Fued.. could see it going that way.
  6. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Well first off I think Daniel Bryan would get a 1 on 1 title shot. Secondly if Jericho is coming back, expect him to go after the Undertaker, in another career vs streak match.
  7. HeartlessAttack's Avatar
    Pretty good card, but Punk vs. Jericho "possibly the best wrestling match of all time"? That's optimistic. I'm not sayin' it's impossible, but c'mon.
    And, masked Kane vs. 'Taker is great for nostalgia's sake and all, but did you see their 2010 feud? It would be understandable if your mind blocked out the awfulness.
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