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  1. Cobra bites back's Avatar
    The turn started when he tried to shake kofi's hand and Kofi refused it.
    Now it could be that the Miz will break up an attack on Kofi on raw or sd as a way to get into the team at SS and then turn on his team during the match itself.

    Another brilliant Paul Hayman strategy!
  2. CrossfaceChickenwing's Avatar
    Not sure if it would work. Just sumit about him thats not right.He's missing somthing.
  3. Heavy's Avatar
    I like the fact that you notice how many heels there are and how they all are, something nobody else sees apparently, and miz going face would be pretty cool and good for the company considering how he does so well with the media. But of course typical WWE, it'll probably go down how you said if he is the 5th member, orton getting him in an RKO and sending the crowd home happy.. Yeah happy... Anyway good blog man
  4. Y2jpunk's Avatar
    hahaha i lol'd hard at the first line
  5. Taneel's Avatar
    Miz face turn might indeed be at works. A SS elimination match is, IMO, the best situation for a turn, and while everyone were guessing Orton to turn heel, the recent dirt-sheet reports that Ziggler vs Orton would highlight WHC title picture in early 2013 has diminished the possibility of that happening. If I were to book, Foley would hold off announcing his 5th member, and the match starts 5-on-4. The final equation becomes Ziggler and Barret vs Daniel Bryan. The two heels team up and beat down Bryan, and Miz rushes in. The ref tries to stop but Foley tells the ref that Miz is his 5th man.
  6. Azagthoth's Avatar
    What id Personally Love for Cm Punks Team For Survivor Series would be : CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro, Kassius Ohno, Seth Rollins! or PAC that would be a hell of a team and a match!
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ut11smithcor
    I would buy it just because cena wasn't on there.
    You would buy it if Cena was there simply because it is Wrestlemania. However, let us put this to a test: Let's say Cena haters like yourself would buy the ppv while Cena lovers wouldn't. Would that not hurt the buyrate? You Cena haters would buy the ppv whether he was on the show or not. How many kids are going to ask their mom or dad to buy the dvd when it comes out w/o Cena? Not very many.....
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