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  1. 5 New X-Division stars

    Impact signed 5 new wrestlers to help bring back the X-Division and only one was with the company before now. Here are my opinions on them so far:

    1. Kid Kash- The only one to have been with TNA. He has put on some great matches and would be a great heel for the X-Division. I like his mic skills and attitude he has when he cuts his promos. I love his finisher and I think he and Aries ...
  2. Top 4 PPVs of 2011 (WWE and Impact)

    Alright this is my first blog so go easy on the bashing.

    1. Money in the Bank- The Punk promo got everyone excited about this and no one knew how the match would end. The fact that they tried both the screw-job and cash in endings made it better. The money in the bank matches were pretty good also. I liked Smackdown's better because it was much harder to predict and a better match ...
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