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  1. Top 7 Worst Songs from wrestlers

    This list will showcase music that wrestlers should never have made. It will be funny and awful at the same time so be warned.

    7. Do the Mario from Captain Lou Albano

    I am sorry he ever made this. The reason why number 7 is because it is short so you didn't have to suffer long. But the reason I put it on here is because ...

    Updated 10-21-2011 at 08:29 PM by wrestlingfan66513

  2. Top 10 Entrance Music in WWE, TNA, WCW from Established Bands

    This is opinionated, so if you think I forgot something put it in the comments. I am 19 so I haven't be around long but I will try to include as many as I could think of. Here are the rules: I will only use bands that made music for a superstar or superstars only (No PPV songs). Nothing from artists that only make wrestling music (Jim Johnston, Jimmy Hart, etc.) and they. Finally no songs performed ...
  3. Best Real life Wrestling Brawls

    I am listing the top 6 real life fights between that happened between wrestlers. Comment on what you think of my choices and if I missed anything.

    6. Scott Steiner vs DDP
    During the final days of WCW, there was reportedly heat between the two wrestlers, due to DDP's wife, Kimberly Page, accusing ...
  4. Smackdown's Worst Enemy- The Draft Part 2

    This is the second part of the draft covering the 2005 Draft. This is the draft I think really hurt Smackdown. Also I won't cover the Post draft trades since most of those stars left or just didn't matter. So here it is...

    John Cena
    Rob Van Dam
    Kurt Angle
    The Big Show

    Chris Benoit
    Randy Orton
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