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  1. Blog Wars: KOTR Edition Final: Top 5 RR PPVs

    Welcome to the final match in the tournament. The winner will face the champ in Blog Wars 7. I'd also like to thank everyone for doing the tournament and making top notch lists, without you guys this blog isn't possible. But now we see who will win, will it be Dr. Death the first Blog Wars Champ or The Hit Man who took the title from him.

    Top 5
    Royal Rumble PPVs

  2. Blog Wars: KOTR Edition Semi Finals: Top 5 High Flying Moves 2

    Welcome to the second semi-final match in this exciting KOTR Edition of Blog Wars. First of all I like to thank everyone for making Blog Wars a success, I couldn't have done it without everyone who has and will participate and hope to continue next year. Happy Holidays The winner will move on to the final to face Dr. Death for the title of King of the Blogs. Today we have blogging sensation Rick ...
  3. Blog Wars: KOTR Edition Semi Finals: Top 5 High Flying Moves

    Welcome to the first match in the Semi Finals. There was no forth match because I did not get the list from one of my contestants so The Hit Man wins via forfeit. As you all know this next match will be between knox and Dr. Death, while the next is Rick Starr vs The Hit Man. Let's see the list.

    Top 5 High Flying Moves

    Criteria to consider: Impact, Famous Users, How it looks, ...
  4. Blog Wars: KOTR Edition: Top 3 PPV's of 2011 3

    Welcome to the third match in the Blog Wars KOTR tournament. Sorry to overload on you guys but I am trying to space it out. I know you guys must be sick of this topic. For the third tournament match we will have newcomers Rick Starr and timfeyenoord battle it out.

    Top 3 PPV's of 2011


    3. TNA Destination X

  5. Blog Wars: KOTR Edition: Top 3 PPV's of 2011 2

    This is the second quarter-final match in the tournament. Same topic as all of the other QF matches so lets see the competitors. We have the first Blog Wars Champion Dr. Death taking on newcomer Callum.

    Top 3 PPVs of 2011

    Same rules as before, any PPV this year qualifies and they can pick their own criteria.

    Dr. Death

    On this edition of Blog ...
  6. Blog Wars: KOTR Edition: Top 3 PPV's of 2011

    Welcome to the 1st Blog Wars KOTR Quarter-Final Match.


    3. royal rumble

    the first match was edge vs dolph ziggler for the whc and edge would lose the title if he used the spear. It was a great match, edge couldn't rely on the spear so you knew it was going to be interesting, at a certain point is the referee down, edge delivers the spear, after that ...
  7. Blog Wars 6: Top 5 Matches of the 2011

    Welcome back to another edition of Blog Wars. I will have the match ups for the KOTR tournament for next week soon so bear with me because it is going to be a lot of work on my part. This week our new champion The_Crippler will defend against ELNIOJR. Here is the list

    Top 5 Matches of 2011
    Since the year is about to end soon I decided to let my guests pick the best matches ...
  8. Blog Wars Episode 5: Top 5 Ladder/TLC Matches in Wrestling History

    Welcome to the 5th episode of Blog Wars. This week The Hit Man will defend against The_Crippler. So let's see the list

    Top 5 Ladder/TLC Matches

    In honor of TLC the contestants will pick the best Ladder or TLC matches in history based on what they think is important.


    I Know that the Hardys, E&C and Dudleys ...
  9. My View on Wrestling Today and How to Improve it

    Hello everyone I decided to write another blog while I wait for a response for the next Blog Wars. Also I am planning the first ever Blog Wars King of the Ring. It is an 8 man tournament for the title king of the blogs it will feature guys who have been on the show, are champ if he wants to go on it, and anyone interested. I will have more on it soon I hope. But to the point I want to give my ...
  10. Blog Wars Episode 4: Top 5 Submission Holds Part 2

    Here is part 2 so please vote on this list.

    The Hit Man(C)

    5. Walls of Jericho (Elevated Boston Crab)

    There are many variations of the Boston Crab but Jericho’s Walls of Jericho is easily the most famous. It may not be the most devastating of ...
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