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  1. Blog Wars 21: Top 5 Cruiserweights Part 2

    Welcome back to part 2. The first 2 lists were amazing so let's see if the next 2 are just as good. Remember to VOTE AT THE BOTTOM.


    5 Billy kidman

    Billy Kidman was the embodiment of the cruiserweight division at its time, when you think of a cruiserweight you think about somebody like ...

    Updated 05-26-2012 at 08:20 PM by Frank

  2. Blog Wars 21: Top 5 Cruiserweights Part 1 (MUST READ)

    Welcome to the greatest episode in BLOG WAR's history! Tonight I have gotten 4 great bloggers together to take part in the 21st episode spectacular. Giddy was unable to find time so he could not take part thus giving up his title. The four users competing will be Dr. Death, the first champion, Destruction, another former champion, bearkg88, writer of WBC, and pauadrian, another former champ. Destruction ...
  3. Blog Wars 20: Top 5 Wrestlers Successful Outside of Wrestling

    Welcome back to the 20th episode of Blog Wars. Last time Giddy pulled out a win to become the Blog Wars Champion, this week defends against Pauadrian in a unique topic.

    Top 6 Wrestlers Successful Outside of Wrestling
    This week they will be picking the 6 most successful wrestlers outside of wrestling. As long as it doesn't involve getting in the ring then it counts. ...

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