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  1. Could it get much worse?

    After months of watching the WWE with hope that it would get better; after months of defending the WWE against an infinite number of haters; after months of picking and highlighting the good things the WWE has been doing, I may be coming to terms with the fact that the WWE really is quite bad.

    8 days ago I witnessed live on my TV what I thought would be a huge turning point for the ...
  2. The Burial of CM Punk

    Okay guys. Although it is not my opinion that CM Punk is getting buried, I have seen several comments recently from people with the opinion that WWE creative is burying Punk. So I'm putting my thoughts out to you.

    I believe the last time we heard Punk speak on Raw was the night after NOC, when he stated that there was a conspiracy in the WWE, but not the conspiracy Miz & Truth were ...
  3. Is CM Punk the adult's John Cena?

    Hi guys, this is my first blog on EWN and probably my last, as I struggle to come up with interesting topics and talk about them in-depth. However depending on the feedback I get, I might consider blogging again.

    Let's first go back to a time in PG, before CM Punk was shooting the way only he can, and remember how dull the product was becoming. John Cena was in at least three quarters ...

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