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  1. The Double Edge Sword 3: Brock's Video Promo

    I wanted to take some time before I wrote about this topic. I the vibe I have been getting from fans reactions ranges from an excellent piece show casing Brock's strengths to THE GREATEST VIDEO IN WWE SINCE BROCK LEFT! I'll be brief at to the point with this addition on the video.

    • Brock's delivery is great. He has a Jake Robert's like delivery here in that he makes slight
  2. The Double Edge Sword #01: Brock Lesnar

    Hey, I haven't done a blog here in awhile so I figured I try something different. I figured I'd do a series that would look at the pros and cons of certain issues, wrestlers, and anything else relevant to the sport and entertainment of wrestling. I figured I'd tackle a recent topic in the wrestling world; Brock Lesnar's return to the WWE. Is it good for business or is it just for a cheap thrill? ...

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