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    I like the idea that of Santino losing the US title, but I don't think Antonio Cesaro is a good choice. I don't think He's over enough with the crowd. Maybe Tyson Kidd or even Damien Sandow.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Hope Lesnar wins and I figure Punk wins!
    Heard Del Rio is expected to be champ again. If that is the case, it may happen at Summerslam even though I hope not.
    Miz obviously retains and hopefully ziggler wins that match.
    Ryback obviously.
    Layla likely would win if she had a title match, but I can't wait until she drops it to someone else. Boring to me........
    PrimeTime would be a win I'd suggest, but with title reigns longer can't expect that to happen.
    Cesaro obviously....
    I'd prefer to see Kane vs Sheamus if that was a world title main event match. Orton vs Sheamus should happen at Survivor Series. A big ppv environment. Not just some random ppv. That is just my opinion anyway.
  3. Callum's Avatar
    They'll do a 6 man tag team match probably. Kane, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow with the face team coming out on top.

    Other than that I agree with most things, I really hope Booker T takes away Alberto Del Rio's title shot as ADR vs Sheamus is boring to watch. Good blog though, I enjoyed the read!
  4. Glenjose's Avatar
    agree with most results, except after A.W's Kobe rape joke, i'd be suprised if the PTP's are on the card let a lone winning, i see them losing then going away for a while as AW serves whatever punishment the E gave him, for the record i'm a fan of AW's mic gimmick he just gotta watch his mouth!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin
    So Dr. Death... Why aren't you writing for the E Universe again?
    I'm retired.
  6. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    So Dr. Death... Why aren't you writing for the E Universe again?
  7. Dennis's Avatar
    little jimmy gets injured ... now that's classic stuff
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