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  1. Hulk Hogans Legacy

    How will Hulk Hogan be remembered? His legacy is something I have wondered about recently as the man has received more and more negative press. So much so that it will no doubt have to feature in how he is remembered.

    The good of Hulk Hogan is that he was the person the wwf was able to build its company around that allowed them to become a mainstream organisation and grow and grow. ...

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  2. Why the hate for the Rock?

    Im not sure why but everyone seems to be hating on the rock lately. As a rocky fan I cant understand the reason for it

    Cena I think is just saying stuff to promote the match and his interviews that provoked the rock as mentioned by rocky when he returned were done at the insistence of Vince in order to get what we now have the rock back in wwe.

    I mean dont get ...

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  3. Randy orton too big for his boots?

    This is my first blog so if i make mistakes (which is very likely) dont be too hard on me. I am not a hater of randy or a fan in fact im not really affected by him either way be it face or heel which is a poor reflection on the guy as the one thing a 'superstar'should strive towards is a reaction be it negative or positive such as john cena...he gets both at the same time funnily enough, zack ryder ...

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