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  1. Rehmix's Avatar
    This is a great read. I liked that you went through the whole rumble. Nice surprises too. Not saying that they are going to happen, but they would be really sweet.
  2. CMRyder's Avatar
    I'll admit my ending is pretty far-fetched. But I'm still going out on a limb and say Christian will win it, but maybe not the whole United Kingdom bit.
  3. Cross's Avatar
    Some of it unrealistic I will admit. And some of it wa shard to follow cause I think you mixed up some of the people. ButI did have fun reading it. And thanks for not forgeting about Batista, Rey, and Christian.
  4. pjpjr6's Avatar
    Awesome blog.
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  5. stewie_bassist's Avatar
    Edge wouldn't be getting involved in anything as his injuries are to severe and he doesn't seem like the type of person who is stupid enough to risk any further damage. Plus, Ireland isn't part of the UK so that stable name wouldn't make any sense.
  6. owenhart4life's Avatar
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