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    I have to agree especially editing old footage. Take the new WCW dvd, Chris Benoit is in it but they edit the audio for you don't hear his name.
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    color sucks even
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    1) The Montreal Screwjob: Enough has been said about this that it's way past old news, but before this we weren't seeing behind the scenes documentaries and how the matches were put together. Vince and Bret slapped wrestling in the face when they publically argued and debated year after year about who screwed who on that deal. So for one angle back in 1997, we lost decades of credibility of those that knew wrestling was scripted but never needed to admit it or talk about it. Imagine if they did this in the movies and put out documentaries all over showing the villain who just got shot in the movie getting up and the director yelling cut

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]You know wrestling is fake, right? no, really....[/COLOR]

    2) The WCW/ECW Invasion: Another clearcut screwup by Vince. You owned the 2 biggest wrestling federations and bought out the contracts of some of the best WCW stars, then hired the biggest WCW stars (outside Sting) years later. Can you please tell me any WCW vs. WWE feud that was memorable for good reasons? The whole thing ended in a survivor series style match that nobody cared about, because let's face it, we all know Vince was going to buy this guy and that guy just so he could play action figures with his booking and let his guys beat out the stars made in other territories

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]More or less agree, but Sting is a wus[/COLOR]

    3) Wrestlemania: You can say what you want about it, but watch one of the original wrestlemania shows on DVD or VHS, then throw in a video of this past year's wrestlemania, or any of the others from the past few years. The WWF would have never had 2 (soon to be 3) rematches like we see with HHH and Taker at their biggest show of the year, they would come up with new feuds and roles. Take Andre and Hogan for example, you had the 2 biggest stars at the time and at Wrestlemania 3 they put on arguably the biggest Wrestlemania of all time, the next year they met in a tournament match and that was the end of it. The writers today don't have the skills to shock us, even with a Live broadcast. They have the roster, they have the venue, so someone please explain to me why Snooki and Trish Stratus were headlining this year's wrestlemania when neither are even fulltime wrestlers?

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]I started watching wrestling in 86, yeah it was awesome. I'll bet though, if I were 8 years old this year, Wrestlemania would have been pretty damn cool[/COLOR]

    5) Outrageously stupid angles: Not the ones that only a few of us think are stupid and the rest think are great. How about Katie Vick with HHH dressed as Kane having sex with a fake corpse in a casket? How about the Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass club, How about Vince Vs. Stephanie in a street-fight?, How about Vince in any match at 60+ years old against a full-time wrestler and us being expected to take it seriously? How about Mae Young giving birth to a hand, How about Rikishi the fat samoan guy with assless tights rubbing his butt in people's faces, the list goes on and on. No wrestling company is perfect in this area but come on, some of these angles make you wonder if the WWE thinks of us as mentally retarded or an extremely low education level

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]Speak for yourself, Mae Young gives me a chubby...[/COLOR]

    6) Trademarks: How many times have we seen a wrestler come into WWE with their own unique gimmick, WWE tosses a few catchphrases in their vocabulary and suddenly WWE "made" the gimmick according to them. It's funny how in Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, any sport you see people trade teams but get to keep their name and attitude. Just look at how many of the 80's and 90's wrestlers can't even go do an indy show with their own gimmick that they created because Vince owns them

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]One day, you will have money of your own, and then you will understand[/COLOR]

    7) Linda's politics: It's amazing how much the WWE changed since Linda entered politics. Her career choice changed the direction of the whole WWE (which she supposedly wasn't that involved in already) All of a sudden certain moves were too dangerous, certain phrases were too controversial, let's turn blood and fighting into hugs and teddy bears right Linda? Didn't help her anyway, people saw through her lack of knowledge and experience and she got blown away in the election

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]I keep hoping Linda would get elected to office somewhere. Maybe there will be a sex scandal with Mae Young.[/COLOR]

    8) The term Wrestling: It's amazing how Vince's dad goes decades promoting wrestling, Vince goes decades promoting wrestling, then after going publically traded and not wanting to have to cover employees' healthcare like a sport would, let's change the term to "sports entertainment" and call the wrestlers "sports entertainers"
    Gee Vince, for as much money as you and your family have made off the fans with your WRESTLING, it's amazing how quick you turned your back on the product you claim you created

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]Yes, it's all about healthcare. Are you listening to Glen Beck?[/COLOR]

    9) WWE to WWF: We used to always think of the WWF as being this indestructible force, all the media, all the money, all the big names. Who would have thought that they would job out to an Animal Rights group and change the whole name of the company to save their asses. When the Panda bears carry more power than you, you just lost my faith in your company. You're supposed to be a huge company packing 10s of thousands of seats in arenas all over the world, and an animal conservation company made you their bitch? No wonder Vince walks so funny

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]Do Vince a favor and sue for him, I'm sure he'll appreciate it.[/COLOR]

    10) The Tape Library: Vince owns all the wrestling footage outside of ROH and TNA, so 10 years ago it was only natural to get excited when he was going to put on a tv network with 24 hours of wrestling footage so we could relive the good days. 10 years later what we got was a paying online membership to watch edited video clips. How many matches got edited off tapes, how many botches covered, how many controversial footages just vanished into thin air. One man owns the history of wrestling and he decided to retell it with his versions of the stories

    [COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]A little paranoid. Did the aliens erase your memory when they put you back in your bed too?[/COLOR]
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    Quote Originally Posted by helmsley
    i dont agree with you, everybody has mistakes, every single entertainment company, just because people are not perfect, but tna has screwed up since the beggining 10 years ago, wwe has learned from their mistakes and keeps growing
    Very True helmsley, TNA has made many mistakes, and I'm saying this as a fan of theirs. Do you know of any other wrestling company that is less than 10 years old, has had monthly Pay Per Views, a cable primetime spot, and the list of legends on TNA's roster without making mistakes? Nobody's perfect, and we all learn and grow with age and experience. So with that said, Vince's company has been around soaking in the business for 59 years according to it's wiki page. We would expect TNA to make mistakes and screw up here and there just like we'd expect a 10 year old child to make mistakes while growing and learning. The question is, when you look at the mistakes made by WWE, do they represent almost 60 years of learning and growing or were they just foolish arrogant mistakes? We all have to decide that one for ourselves

    -Sucram MaI
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    Just a comment on the terrible booking paragraph, while we may have hated giving birth to hands, katie vick and other wrestlecrap inductions, we certainly all remember them dont we? What happened in WWE from 2007 til like now? Angles that few ppl remember for the most part and angles that didnt matter - "im better than you" angles.

    Id say the biggest problem the have is the amount of product out there. minimum MINIMUM 4 hours a week, usually more than that and at least one ppv a month. Too much exposure means they cant do the things the used to, they cant have a "hogan/Andre" match at wrestlemania because theyre too busy HAVING to have their biggest stars working with eachother constantly. Thats why they should have a champ from each brand fighting at Mania, a fresh match...oh but if mania were this sunday, itd be Orton/Cena - scratch that...because Orton/Cena should also be a paragraph in this blog......ROH FOREVER!
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    "Does anyone else put in a one-time shot Celebrity in with their greatest talents as an homage?" - Yes. Sly Stallone getting inducted into the boxing hall of fame.
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    i agree with everything you said my friend especially the Hall of Fame part, they made a joke out of it.

    Thats like Jack Nicolson and Spike Lee being inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame because they respectiively show up to every Lakers and Knicks game
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