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  1. Is the WWE really as bad as people say?

    Hi all, iv'e been reading a lot of comments lately on EWN on the news feeds, Blogs and Forums and the one thing i keep reading repeatedly is people whinging about the current product WWE are delivering to us, so I thought, i'd weigh in and give my opinion.

    I'm gonna start with the one thing nearly everyone complains about, John Cena, personally I am fed up with him being given the title ...
  2. Another TVPG bitch and moan!

    Hi all! this is my first blog soo please bare with me!

    As you can tell this is gonna be a whinge about WWE being PG, ill try to keep it brief and to the point.

    The other day i was bored and nothing on TV soo i thought i'd put wrestlemania 24 on ( the last non-PG mania' ) it wasn't an exactly amazing mania but it was way better than the slaver WWE currently produce us! ...

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