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  1. Dime Store Saint's Avatar
    I think Punk holds the title to Royal Rumble and drops the belt to the Rock. Cena and Ziggler feud helping put Ziggler over. He'll end up cash in the briefcase at Wrestlemania. Team Hell No will drop the titles at Rumble and lead to them feud each other at Mania. I expect Taker to return at the Rumble to either send out a Mania challenge or in the Rumble match itself. Once Punk loses the belt, Heyman will leave him to go back to Lesner setting that up for Mania.
  2. cpattersoniv's Avatar
    I think wrestling's going to take place.
  3. Dashing Rachel's Avatar
    What do you think will happen at the WWE TLC PPV on December 16th?
  4. Rowebin's Avatar
    I cant take the adverts every 3 mins, its a 50/50 split of in ring action and adverts.
  5. Rockstar83's Avatar
    RAW for two hours? So YOU do want WWE to lose's going to stay as 3 hours. And if you don't like that I got to words for ya!

    NO WAY!
  6. cpattersoniv's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by alcrissam
    sir, I am glad you signed up.
    Why thank you. I offered a rebuttal of my own. Hopefully the blog will make it to the front page. I'm not sure how that works.
  7. maar13's Avatar
    Actually like CM_SUXX_NOT said, they are getting a lot of money for that third hour by USA Network alone and it seems the entwork is willing to continue to do so.

    So it is going to stay that way for a while.
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