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    Your out of your mind if you think cody or cersaro are going anywhere, cody is great in and out the ring plus cesaro hasnt even been here long and is a great wrestler, the only reason vince isnt high on him is b/c he doesnt cooperate backstage the way vice expects him to
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    Why is every so obsessed this time of year for massive firings?!? In case haven't noticed it's been a few years since had any. Most contracts are for less then they were 5 years ago and so more affordable. Many of the superstars you've mentioned as not seeing for some time are just coming back from injury as well. Many more can be seen on NXT (in my opinion the best WRESTLING show on TV right now). While I believe others could go, of your list I only see Bateman being released
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    doubtful they'll release mcgillicutty, they seem to find him as a good training buddy for the part timers.
    ryders on the breadline if he doesnt change those shorts though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis
    I agree with your rhodes point...

    Yoshi isn't the only asian on the roster... The Great Khali anyone?
    Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't think Khali can be marketed to south-east asians. I get you're point though.
    Everyone forgets Sakamoto when talking about Tatsu!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere
    Cody Rhodes ain't goin nowhere and Yoshi is the only Asian guy right now. Asides from them, Hennig and Cesaro, I could care less if the rest of that list gets fired.
    I agree with your rhodes point...

    Yoshi isn't the only asian on the roster... The Great Khali anyone?
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    Dibiase and Rhodes aren't going anywhere so long as their fathers work in the E' or they want to be released.

    Bourne is coming off injury, so they'll give him another shot but he's definitely not being looked at it for anything substantial.

    I would love if the E' released Cesaro, he deserves better.

    Tensai is not going to be released now that they paired him with Brodus.

    Ryder could get released because he pushing a lot of buttons he shouldn't be pushing.

    Riley, JTG, Epico and Primo and a lot of developmental wrestlers have a good shot of being let go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SHW
    dusty runs NXT, so we can consider him an executive in WWE.

    no way Cody goes anywhere unless it is on his own terms.
    Oh yeah, Dusty Rhodes is the GM of NXT.
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