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    my personal favourite and i know most people on here and the internet in general will disagree but i loved John Cena Vs. The Rock, i loved the idea of Greatness vs. Redemption, ill admit though the build up to their wm match wasnt exactly all that good, but be honest did they really need to do to much since all has already been said last year and the year before that. But thats also why i loved it over everything else this year, because its a feud for the ages that been going since Wrestlemania 27 right up till Wresltemania 29 who else can pull that off and not get bored of it?
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    What is your favorite WWE feud of 2013 (so far)?
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    I appreciate the shorter blogs.

    I can see Bryan turning heel. Why? Yes he's the most over guy right now. So over, that turning him heel will keep him over. There is not a strong heel anywhere in the company right now. Not individually anyway (Shield, Wyatt Family). Bryan can be that heel.

    This does not mean I believe he will turn heel. I prefer a face vs. face outcome at Summerslam with Bryan winning the legitimately.

    Also, I don't want him to turn heel. CM Punk did a great job being heel last year but they also turned him into a whiny bitch. That entire "respect" thing sucked. Why does the WWE champ have to be so insecure? He is better as himself whether he's boo'd or cheered. Let him go the Stone Cold route. I like guys like Bret Hart who never changed their character whether they were hell or face.

    If they can turn Bryan heel by keeping him himself then I won't mind. If they turn him heel and he never wins cleanly, whines, cries about being the weak link, then I don't like it.

    WWE needs a strong heel. A heel that wins over top faces legitimately.
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    Good blog. It's going to be Orton, unless WWE pulls something out of left field and becomes unpredictable for once. We'll see!

    As for AssassinBlade, that's his opinion. He's just mad he tries to make his blog "controversial" to get more readers and fails because they all suck. He can't even spell correctly, which means he doesn't do research or doesn't proof read and he's telling others how to write blogs? Wow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dashing Rachel
    Your welcome, keep doing what your doing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DazRevan
    Not enjoyable to read?, that's an opinion mate.

    Good blog, really enjoyed it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AssassinBlade
    No offense, but your blog entries are very short and not enjoyable to read. If you want to express your topic in a further reach, you might want to think about revising your blogs. This is good enough to be a question in the forum section as I see forum answers longer than this. I am not trying to criticize you but it is a wasteful blog in my opinion. It is an excellent topic to express but in further blogs try to get the readers interest because I do not even need to scroll down to read this blog as it is this short. Thanks!

    -Assassin Blade
    Not enjoyable to read?, that's an opinion mate.

    Good blog, really enjoyed it.
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