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    Attitude had it's bad moments, but it allowed the wrestlers be more themselves. PG the wrestlers oops I mean Entertainers are limited what they can do. Every time there was blood, it wasn't always plan, they are things called cuts and it happens. Even in Pg, look for the video on youtube when Cena was fueding with Nexus. He ran down with a chair, and hit the ropes with it twice and both times it bounce back and it hit Cena in the head, he got a cut there was a little bit of blood.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theiconsting
    Going pg was a kick in the nuts to all us older fans enough said
    Well said m8,while reading was thinking to comment something similar,but u've said it 1 sentence,,
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    Going pg was a kick in the nuts to all us older fans enough said
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    great blog
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    Yeah WWE isnt really in the bad state everyone makes it out to be..... sure some Raws and SmackDowns are unwatchable but as a whole it isnt too terrible.... the frustrating thing about it is, they can make there product a million times better so easily with a few twist and turns.
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    I would like to see a Cena heel turn maybe in a few years. He could change his look, maybe grow a beard (beards are evil [no offence to people with beards]), wear trunks, longer or different style of hair perhaps.
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    You are right on all points in my opinion, I'm a Cena fan but you hit the nail on the head with the stale comment. His broadway with Michaels is one of the best matches since Hogan became champ for the first time.
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