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    So just wanted to say, I read your blog, and it was pretty good. My only point I want to make is this. I feel like, most of the promos from the attitude era were better than todays promos, but when you look at match quality, you have more actual quality type matches, than you did in the attitude era. I agree that in the attitude era it was more about violence, and destruction, and i feel like today is more about perfomance and who can put on the best show...if that makes sense. I also liked your point about Edge. I think personally thats one of the problems people have now a days is that you aren't seeing as many OMG moments, or holy shit moments, as you did way back when. I agree with the product going that way though. Why let a wrestler take so many risks and chances for that one moment, when it shortens their career. All in all, good blog bro.
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    So, reading this blog, I'm wondering what your point is? You say the Attitude Era is getting more cred than it deserves? Are you trying to defend wrestling now? I mean come on. It's not even close.

    The big difference between the Attitude Era and today's PG Era, is the effort put into the product. The Attitude Era was created to compete with a rival company that was close to putting them out of business.

    Today? The WWE is in cruise control. Effortless programming because there's nothing to accomplish. All the fluff we watch each and every week, is nothing more than to try and reach 1 million buys for Wrestlemania. That's it. Think about it. 1,000,000 buys, at $59.99 *69.99 for HD*, comes out to some major league coin. There's no effort. And in order to get a million buys, what does the WWE have to do? Bring back someone from THE ATTITUDE ERA.

    This Blog Fails.
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    I agree with most of what you said. The greatest thing about the attitude era was that the two biggest stars in the companies history(Rock & Austin)we're in their prime. The one point I differ with is bringing Tyson in for Wrestlemania was a great idea. This was the Mania where Austin won the title for the 1st time and many non-wrestling fans tuned in because Tyson was appearing. I believe many of these people liked what they saw and continued to watch which took the TV ratings through the roof.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tall
    Watch the Kane return from the other week -

    Now watch Kane's return in 2000 -

    The character is the same and both times he is returning yet the videos couldn't be more different. Just listen to the crowd in the 200 return. Brilliant.
    Back then to most people Kane returning was a huge surprise, but now with all those non cryptic pretty obvious promos and IWC spoilers no was that really amazed cos the inevitable happened....
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    To be honest I agree with a lot of what you said and I was thinking this exact same thing today. I have been watching some of the 'Taker DVD from 2005 and his "Attitude Era" matches were mostly violence and lacked very little in the way of wrestling. The thing that made the Attitude Era was the shocking nature of the production. It wasn't focused on having quality matches' it was focused on who can bust someone open or who could take the greatest fall and walk away or who could beat up someone in a brawl. The characters are what made the era, not the wrestling. And to be absolutely candid, what made wrestling "better" to watch in those days, was because there was no internet sites giving away storylines before they actually played out.
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    You complain that Divas were just used as eye-candy, but you also complain about a Diva (Chyna) going over a couple of male wrestlers and, as a result, being taken far more seriously than any other Diva ever. Surely a bit contradictory?

    And as for there being more violence than wrestling, perhaps in the main events (Rock/Austin/HHH/etc), but in the upper-midcard, you had the likes of Benoit, Angle, Jericho, Guerrero, Edge and a fair few others - all of whom could put on fantastic wrestling clinics - "real" wrestling, at the drop of a hat and quite often outshone the main eventers as a result.

    There was also an excellent tag division, a fun distraction in the form of the Hardcore belt, some proper cruiserweight action and also a sense that every single belt (women's aside, perhaps) actually meant something to the competitors.

    How often does that get to happen nowadays?
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    I read the above comments, thanks for feedback but I think some didn't understand the point I'm trying to get across. Honestly, I get the feeling some just read the title and not the actual column.
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