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    I made an account just to answer to your editorial. It was THE most biased, un-journalistic, prejudiced piece of crap I have ever read online. If you truly believe those reasons you mentioned are why we hate Cena, then you have serious issues. You know why we hate him, Vince knows why we hate him, heck Cena himself knows why we hate him! He's the poster child for the PG-era everybody but the kids hates, he's a white guy who thinks he's black, he's been jammed down our throat so hard for years he made us all sick to our stomachs and finally, he went from having a great gimmick to having ABSOLUTELY none at all. He's a marine, he's a rapper, he's Superman, he's freaking everything at once in one lame package.

    Next time you write an editorial (protip: don't), use some common sense instead of using whatever adoration you have for the subject. Ever heard of journalistic integrity junior?
  2. simo87's Avatar
    cena is the poster boy for the pg rating that makes him crap
    he never loses these days hes always the good guy when he should be a heel
    im sick of seeing him get put over ppl like orton and the game its bullshit cena couldnt beat an egg
    and to the person who made this thred if those are the reasons why u think we all hate cena then ur clearly as gay as they come and love cena and the pg shit
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  3. Dyno-Orphin's Avatar
    Everyone hates Cena because he's a wigger.
    White or black, people don't like wiggers.
    They're white people who think they know what it's like to be black because they learned all about black people from their racist parents and the media.
    Wiggers are every negative black stereotype personified. In a white person.
    Try growing up in the late 80's/early 90's during the Vanilla Ice explosion. When every idiot in your neighborhood started wearing Starter jackets and getting their hair cut into a fade and acting like they were gang members.
    And now we're supposed to cheer for one?
    No thanks.
    Loose the jean shorts and the douchey hair and the Vanilla Ice mannerisms and we'll talk.
    Until then Cena's just a stupid wigger douche.
  4. justin sane's Avatar
    Hogan headlined the first like 8 Wrestlemanias so
  5. 2xtreme's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Saiga
    is there a time where superman isn't receiving a world title match at wrestlemania? out of the last five years, i cannot think of one!
    Nope is the simple answer lol
  6. Saiga's Avatar
    is there a time where superman isn't receiving a world title match at wrestlemania? out of the last five years, i cannot think of one!
  7. justin sane's Avatar
    When I was a kid, I remember watching Wrestlemania 3 at my grandma's house. She rented it for me because I loved it, and my Uncle's took me to matches at MSG because I loved it even though they didn't. I was a huge Hulkamaniac, had the attire and action figures that my family bought me, and I would be for years to come, again because I was a kid and Hogan was the babyface hero. I remember my uncle, in his 30's at the time, came in the room during the main event. He was like, "Look at this stupid stuff, Hulk Hogan is so cheesy, there's no way he would be able to beat that huge man, such phony crap, blah blah". I held my ground, I said Hulkamania all the way! Watcha gonna do!? Then Hogan slammed Andre. My Uncle's face was like whaaaaa... Moral of the story, what most fans now can't accept is that the business has reverted back to PG, much like the early days of WWF, the Hogan era, and yes I'm making the comparison to John Cena as the Hulkster of today. Wrestling today is for the kids (mostly), for the new generation who will see perhaps their own attitude era in years to come when they are teenagers, and maybe just maybe THEN we'll see a John Cena heel turn. For now, the parents and uncles will have to deal with the cheesy superCena who conquers giants while buying tickets and PPV's for the children who love him and wear his clothes and buy his dvd's and see his movies and vote for him as superstar of the year, etc etc...We have to grin and bear it, folks. Do I think WRASSLIN is AS good as it was in the ever beloved attitude era, or the monday night wars time? Not really. But the kid in me still loves it. And though I, AND WE, can complain about it, I AND WE still watch it religiously. Accept that it is a transitional period and watch the superstars grow before your very eyes. Bottomline; sit back, relax, enjoy the show, boo Cena, become a wrestler or creative writer yourself, rent a UFC or 2, bash yourself in the head to see the blood you've been craving, and QUIT YER BITCHIN!
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