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  1. The 'E doth Listen/SummerMadness

    This is possible going to be my shortest blog, but also my simplest. To say this in the most simplest of ways, "give them a taste, and keep them wanting more".
    Let me explain, I'm relatively new to the IWC, but in my short time, I have seen a lot of HATE about what the WWE is currently doing. Now I'm a long time supporter and avid watcher of wrestling mainly the WWE, but I ...
  2. WWE future

    So excuse any mistakes I make on here as this is my first ever post on anything pertaining to wrestling period. I'm young but I've been following wrestling since 2000s so I know my attitude era and pg era.

    So to go over to what the title states... if the WWE is going to sustain and grow, it needs to go back to what works. There are three things that worked for WWE in the past. Those ...

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