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  1. #3: Guns don't kill people, water bottles do.

    I've wanted to post this for ages now but keep forgetting to get around to it, then I forgot what I wanted to name it so I'm just going to settle on this.

    There are also spoilers lower down in this blog. I'll be sure to try and point them out for anyone reading that doesn't want to know any.

    For anyone whose read the two other blog entries before (#1 is here and #2 is ...
  2. #2 WWE: Did you smell what The Rock was cooking?

    I did. Gold. Pure gold.

    Yesterday I posted my first blog here touching on the subject of TNA/Impact Wrestling and my opinion on the product as a whole and I don't think it's fair to write about TNA (which I've only just scratched the surface of what I really wanted to talk about) without comparing it to WWE. TNA after all, are a wrestling company, something they try to mark on every ...
  3. TNA: WWE's kid brother begging for attention.

    I'd like to make the point before anyone (if anyone) reads this blog that I do not like TNA Wrestling, or Impact Wrestling, whatever they want to call themselves. I watched TNA for the first time a few years back when they still had the six sided ring and just had to ask myself "why?" Why would any wrestling company decide to create a ring with an extra two sides? Simple. They wanted to ...
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