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  1. Bralon23's Avatar
    I think a lot of people forget about guys like the Radicalz. They were undersized wrestlers that crossed over to WWE and had success. Look at Benoit, look at Eddie. This could be done with AJ and Samoa Joe. It's not impossible to make it in the WWE, having been established in another company before. It doesn't happen often, but it is possible.
  2. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    samoa joe (he's like 6ft) wouldn't be able to play the monster heel in wwe he would be one of the shortest guys there and he would look out of shape compared to the likes of sheamus barrett and he isnt good enough on the mic for a push, AJ is too small he would never get a push, i agree with the tyson kidd one he would be a perfect fit for the x division, morgan's spot is taken by sheamus atm they are too similar for me size and moveset,mahal isnt a big enough draw to be put with angle, and morrision should be in roh with the rest of the spot monkeys
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    I donno why ppl r against Tyson going to TNA..but, he suits TNA bill better than WWE....

    I'm wondering whether Mahal is that technical enuff to fight Kurt??

    Joe n AJ will be wasted in WWE...

    JoMo suits TNA well..he n AJ can tear the roof down...

    Morgan can suit WWE..when he was feuding with BigShow, I felt he's the next big deal...but, I donno why they let him go...
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    hate to say it but morgan to wwe makes sense even if he has been there.. remember he f5ed the big show for carlito back in the day.. and i do see him being a strong upper mid carder with us or ic gold.. i disagree with wrestlingfan that AJ would be kaval.. really? AJ could thrive in the e. and ya i hate to say that cuz hes one of the few legit pioneers in tna but he has accomplished everything in tna.. they arent using him or joe properly and if tna loses one or both of them they are in trouble. jinder mahal is shit.. let the e deal with him cuz tna has nothing for him ala mexican america.. i think the pope needs a megapush right now.. its a joke that he hasnt worn gold yet. morrison makes sense but only if they dont sign melina. she has been a cancer to his career and is the reason he hasnt won the wwe title
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    Sin Cara would have been a great choice to jump instead of Kidd. I like Kidd but Care over there would be a great X-Division guy, already has relations with AAA who TNA has close relations to, and it's not live so they could edit his botches.
  6. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    You gave the WWE some of TNA's best guys and gave TNA some WWE jobbers where 2 of the guys are possibly future future endeavored.
    Isn't that what most guys who love WWE do? They want WWE to get TNA's best guys so they can just love WWE even more and forget TNA since they only got WWE's jobbers. Way to remain impartial dude .
  7. Lowki's Avatar
    So many blogs/threads about this -.-
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