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  1. Whats up with the WWE copying TNA

    Whats up with the WWE copying TNA with their production? With all the "paparazzi" type of shit with cameras following wrestlers with questions and making it seem more of a reality show. Since Hogan/Bishoff debut in TNA, they brought in that concept while the WWE used their obvious, pre-orchestrated, traditional interviews and skits. Before, everything was more hokey and predictable in the ...
  2. What's Going to Happen at MITB.....UNLESSS VINCE SEE"S THIS BLOG!

    Alright, I haven't been keeping up with the WWE storylines as usual until the "sudden change" I've been witnessing recently. This is my MITB predictions. CM-Punk win the title, but then this is the "Money In The Bank" ppv right, so the winner of the money in the bank cashes in the title shot against Mr. Money in the bank himself, CM-Punk. CM-Punk then loses the title and John Cena ...

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  3. Why CM-Punk's Promo was fake

    Here are the reason's why CM-Punk's promo wasn't a "shoot".
    1. What a coincidence that Raw ended with that promo.
    2. The second he went off-script, his mic should have been taken off. Yes I know it's a live show but it took them that long to mute his mic
    3. WWE has a great feeling that ROH is going to get big so why not just say the name. It's not like no one knows what ROH is, especially

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  4. Why do People Hate TNA wrestling? Hogan/Bishoff? PART2

    Well after I have read the comments that the last post received, I just needed to correct a few of them. HOGAN AND BISHOFF DID NOT DESTROY WCW. The merge between AOL and Time Warner is what caused the demise of WCW. AOL didn't want anything to do with pro-wrestling at the time. The only option Eric Bishoff had was to keep the company but there would be no TV deal, which would have been a pointless. ...

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  5. Why do People Hate TNA wrestling? Hogan/Bishoff?

    Why do so many people "hate" TNA wrestling? Is it because of the welcoming of the Hogan-Bishoff regime? I mean, before Hulk and Bishoff step foot into grounds of TNA, the company had a "low-budget" appeal. Their wrestlers entrance video were so budget. And It seem like they were just waiting for their next "major acquistion" to step foot into their company. Jeff Jarret ...

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