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Match of the Year???

Cm Punk vs John Cena , people are saying this could be match of the year including John Cena himself , but can it be the legendary match that no one would forget??? Even above Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels .

  1. Impact Wrestling / The X Division

    This blog is about the X Division in Impact Wrestling and I'll have upcoming blogs like this with WWE also once a week.

    Lets go back in the days when the X Division was the real deal with the likes of Low Ki , Sonjay Dutt , Jay Lethal , Sabu , Psicosis , Petey Williams and loads more . But no one can or should forget the 5-Star rated match AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa ...
  2. Sheamus/Justin Gabriel face turns

    Its official Sheamus and Justin Gabriel have turned face

    Sheamus turned face on the 19th July tapings of Smackdown by attacking Wade Barrett

    Justin Gabriel turned face after being accused of 'dropping the ball' by Heath Slater

    so I wondered what WWE has in store for both of them and this is how I would put it

    Justin Gabriel - A feud with ...
  3. The futures of WWE

    Alberto Del Rio - He is bound to win a World Champion especially if he is being put in a WWE Championship match against John Cena

    Alex Riley - He's been moved back to Raw so it obvious he is going to be put in a rivalry with The Miz . But Im not sure if The Miz is staying at the top or being demoted to the Mid-Card section

    Cody Rhodes - In Smackdown , there is 5 main ...

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