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  1. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i'd prefer sheamus to turn heel again or for db to not lose to orton since db is a great heel atm
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    The Naysayers that hate WWE, as opposed to who? You? The brain-washed main stream hack loves whatever WWE throws at you, no matter what it is?
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    That is a lot of matches which would not help anyone on the card because the matches would be short unless you did like a 6 hour ppv.
  4. MR Boss's Avatar
    How about just let Orton be in the WCH at wrestlemania, but Sheamus still wins.
  5. The Piper's Avatar
    wow, I can't believe I would actually be excited for that to happen
  6. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    Came up with this lineup last night im pretty proud of

    john cena v the rock - set in stone

    christian v orton - world - start another feud , maybe someone wins the rumble, have a gimick match, like 2 outta 3 falls, or dare i say it, 3 out of 5?

    chris jericho v undertaker - would be good, jericho taker havent met on ppv, would be fresh, jericho can turn heel and attack taker challenge him for the streak. ive been wanting this at mania for years

    del rio v triple h - i just think theyd be suited to each other, del rio would get the rub of being at mania with trips

    sin cara v mysterio - itd be a worthy place on the card

    miz v morrison v cm punk - wwe - a fine use of three guys on the spot, see my last match to see why ive put these guys here. itd be more credible if punk has the title heading in.

    kharma v bellas (subject to change) - just get kharma in there, i could go without a divas match but its gonna happen anyway

    ziggler v swagger v kofi v mcintyre v r truth v cody rhodes v sheamus v dan bryan v kane v barrett
    (10 man elim number 1 contenders match - winner gets a title shot at summerslam)
    a great way to get your one's for the future some exposure at wm. imo punk morrison and miz are too high level to appear in this match, and they should be placed on their own, but this is a good replacement for mitb, and would make more sense. in mitb too many guys didnt fit in imo, but a straight elim match is the standard for all. 2 in the ring at a time, tags available, elimination style. i think its a great way to get people interested in this match in a live capacity, as most havent been at the top and would be a good use of talent.

    thats 8 matches, shouldnt be hard to promote/book
  7. luisalexander70's Avatar
    cm punk vs daniel bryan a dream match
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