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  1. WM28: Acknowledging the Past, Boots Towards the Future

    A lot of folks are worried about WWE post-Wrestlemania. Granted, most of these are the naysayers who hate everything about WWE yet continue to watch for decades of their lives, but some of them have legitimate points. The Rock will be shooting a movie. Undertaker will disappear for a year. HHH will drift backstage. But I think this creates a great opportunity for Wrestlemania and beyond.

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  2. Sheamus versus Bryan, Orton, or Regal?

    I'm excited for Wrestlemania 28. It is not a perfect card, but look back at any Wrestlemania and find me one? It's not possible. What we have this year, though, are some matches definitely worth looking forward to. An epic encounter between The Rock and Cena. You can hate Cena and resent The Rock, but you have to admit that moment when they meet eye-to-eye in that ring will make you remember why you ...

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  3. WM28 Booking: Where Past Meets Future

    Wrestlemania 28: Where Past Meets Future

    This is my proposed WM28 card. It will never happen, but this is how I would do it. There would probably be some sort of throwaway tag match or crappy battle royale, but I wrote this assuming WWE stays on the same path as promoting one-on-one matches.

    Matches listed top to bottom.

    Alberto Del Rio vs. the Undertaker ...

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