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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    No argument here
  2. Festeringeviscerate's Avatar
    Nicely done, Good list.
  3. WilloTron 5000's Avatar
    A very justified and worthy list. I've been watching a lot of old ECW ppv's on Youtube recently and it's been a very nostalgic look back. I do think though that 'The Sandman' should certainly be mentioned within the greatest hardcore wrestlers of all time.
  4. Hotsauce2k360's Avatar
    i dunno about a order... but u could throw raven,edge,abdullah the butcher,undertaker has done some crazy things,abyss
  5. pab75's Avatar
    I hope it doesn’t end but knowing how the WWE is and ruining the veterans as they leave the company, unfortunately it probably will end. Their philosophy of having the veterans take one for the industry is piss poor and lacks severe integrity; it falls in the same line as a World Title being changed to often.
    Ric flair should have won at WrestleMania, Ricky Steamboat should have pinned Chris Jericho at WrestleMania and the following PPV. Fans want happy endings, by rights Undertaker should win and retire with his streak.
  6. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    It won't end. The only way The Undertaker will end his streak at WM would be to "pass the torch" to another superstar. IF his competitor is HHH, a loss at WM would mean nothing, let's face it, Trips is about done himself. I'd say Taker is sitting back at home right now, hoping to God he has the tank left to make it 20-0. The last thing he's doing is sitting at home resting up for one last match (that in my opinion might kill him) to drop the streak. Sorry, it just ain't happening...
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