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  1. Tall's Avatar
    I was disapointed with a few things when Hogan/Bischoff took over.
    1. Samoa Joe finally won the TNA Title and had that brilliant MMA style match with Kurt Angle. As soon as they took over he was pushed back down the ladder which was a huge waste of talent.
    2. If you were flicking through the channels, it was the six sided ring which would set TNA immediately apart from WWE but they got rid of that.

    One thing I think they should improve on is areas that WWE doesn't do well. The tag team and womens division are already better in TNA but with Beer Money Inc now in the Heavyweight Title picture they need to remember that division. Also am I the only one who thinks it looks bad that Gail Kim has come back to TNA? It just makes them look second best and that talent will only go back when they've failed at the WWE. I'm pleased that more of the original TNA talent are getting more main event time though.
  2. DarknessFalls's Avatar
    As much as I can't stand him Hogan should be in Top 5. Ric Flair Top 5. Triple H below Eddie Guerro? Can't see that. He should be Top 10. Randy Savage Top 10. Cena is in the right spot although him and Edge should be one after the other no matter what order. Jake Roberts should be higher. Chris Jericho at least Top 15 and above Cena and Edge. Kurt Angle defineitely higher. I ould say Top 25
  3. hbk2416's Avatar
    The list was compiled by the vote of current WWE superstars.
  4. the hybrid boxer's Avatar
    goog blog man i agree im a huge kurt angle fan he is way to low he is the beest in the world. i like the idea of the list no doult but they messed up list rey mistreo and cena over edge and jericcko come on now
  5. belleza's Avatar
    this list wasn't made to be legitimate, to what i understand, just for another dvd...
  6. kersh's Avatar
    i have to agree.
    top 5 i agree
    like him or not Hogan became the face of wrestling and brought it into the main stream more than anyone else. and he's 23rd?
    he might be a legend but what has harley race done which would make him that high?
    Hogan, Randy Savage, Ric Flair and maybe even Ted diBiase should all have made top 10
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    Larger athletes cannot carry an emotional attachment with the audience..where as smaller athletes can create an emotional impact..When Big Show become the world champion for the first time, everyone was normal..but, when Chris Benoit became the world champion for teh first in WWE..He took over the audience with immense emotion...

    A Face should have weaknesses and he should always face troubles from all corners and then, he should over come all those..THEN ppl will like that face..that can happen only if he's a smaller guy...not a giant..
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