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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud Blog..I feel, Wade (heel) n Brock (Face); Brock (Heel) vs Sheamus (tweener); I mean I lu his current character...he should not turn into a complete heel....

    Also, I want to see a Brock vs Jack Swagger feud as well....I mean jus imagine...Jack going back to his WWECW some exercise n say he's all american american n boast abt his amateur wrestling background...n then, we have Brock coming in...n it would be a gr8 match....
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    comparison b/n Bully ray n Regal??? Damn!! Regal is miles ahead of Ray..

    But, the complain I hav against Hogan/Bischof is burial of Samoan joe..the guy is truly a gr8 talent...

    I luvd James STorm's World Title Story line...both of them r true gems(Beer Mony)..

    Now, it wud be a gr8 storyline b/n Roode n Storm...
  3. primitive chuck's Avatar
    Do you even know what a "Mark" is? People learn a word and think they sound smart using it. If your a professional wrestler without a unique gimmick or haven't done something that no other wrestler has done before then your a "Mark". If you live your life vicariously through a certain wrestler then your a "Mark" and by you posting this blog definitely makes you a "Mark"!!!
  4. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    They need to bring back the six-sided ring and push more of the "TNA originals" while scaling back on the failed WWE talent. The way they had things prior to Hogan were incredible, I was actually exclusively watching TNA at that point. That continued maybe 3 weeks after Hogan came in, and I lost all interest once they began the whole ECW bullshit on top of Hogan and the golden oldies flooding the place. I mean, TNA used to be a company that had its own style instead of this WCW/WWE wannabe bullshit company. I understand they had ex-WCW/WWE talent previously, but they fit in with the company rather than bastardizing it. I'd say the last one they took from the ex-Es that was good and truly enhanced their product and brand was Angle.

    I want 6-sides to my ring. I want fast-paced killer X-Division and Ultimate X matches. I want a company that isn't overflowing with guys who are 40+. I want tag teams and female wrestlers to be relevant alongside the main event picture. I want the real TNA.
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    "Bully Ray doesn't deserve a shot and William Regal does? LMFAO". Bullshit. Regal hasn't gotten as much exposure as he should have. Hes been training wrestlers for years, even greats that we now know today. Bully Ray has done a lot for the business too, as one half of one of the best tagteams of all time, so I would say they both deserve a push.
  6. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    Good blog, nice read. I'm not just a fan of WWE, I'm a fan of BOTH companies. There are things that I like and don't about both promotions but I watch anyways because it's the WRESTLING that draws me in. Good to see somebody else is open minded here...
  7. Eric Bischoff's Avatar
    Double Standard lol.
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