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  1. TNA losing out on Eric Young? (Jeremy Fritz)

    Quick introduction to those that don't know the depths of Eric Young, he's thirty-two years old from Ontario and has been with TNA from 2004. Right moving on to why I think EY should set his eyes on another promotion if TNA continue to drop the ball with him.

    Eric Young has had a variety of gimmicks he began "jobbing," comic relief with TNA but has had more serious roles along ...

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  2. General Kurt Angle Blog.

    Hey, well it's a pretty obvious answer I just wanted to praise him for what he's done right and point out something a lot are neglecting to notice. I'll begin with a brief run through of Kurt Angle's career surpassing what generations before him haven't been capable of. Gathered he's an Olympic gold medallist in my opinion he rides it too much but it works for him; I mean the gimmick has a heel, face ...
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  3. If Brock Lesnar Ever Did Return...

    I've seen a lot of blogs and forum posts about this already but there's a few problems with the ideas and theories people are coming out pertaining to who he should feud with. I'll deduct who I personally believe he should feud with at the end of the blog.

    CM Punk

    This is highly unlikely mainly because Brock Lesnar was an unstoppable machine at one point matched by Bill ...

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