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  1. Getting the Poison Out: Why is being a "mark" a bad thing?

    Wrestling fans are referred to within the wrestling business as "marks"

    The term was used for decades of course, but many of us didn't know it existed. But it was fair. It implied that we didn't know what was going on. That we thought what we were watching was real. And most of all, that we were willing to pay money to see it. Which we did. We were all "marks" ...
  2. Top Wrestlers of the WWE

    Decided to start blogging here just to "get the poison out", so to speak, about my thoughts on various things in the wrestling business. Starting with the top guys in WWE.

    John Cena - Always compared to Hogan. Don't get why. Hogan's promos were always fun. Cena's are boring. Even when he was a heel rapper, all his promos did was give the crowd an excuse to yell a swear ...

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