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  1. WWE & TNA Underused Talent Episode #3

    So I believe it's been a week since my last blog, I'm sorry about that, lot of problems, bad bad week, bad break up, I'll stop right there, I think I already made almost everyone think I'm an attention whore.

    Anyway, if you've been following my blogs, you know the rules, two talents per episode. Our talents of the day are...
    *Drum Roll*

    WWE's own Evan Bourne : ...
  2. WWE & TNA Underused Talent Episode #2

    So about 3 days ago I posted episode #1 of this blog series.
    I've heard some nice comments so I guess I'll keep'em coming
    Now allow me to remind everyone : Every episode I talk about 2 Underused Talents (WWE or TNA or Both). So without further adu let's meet our Underused Talents of the day

    Drew McIntyre :
    The sinister Scottsman, the man that was mentioned ...
  3. WWE & TNA: Underused Talent.

    Siracul in, hope everything's fine peeps.
    So i was thinking to myself, what would be a good subject to write a blog about ? And I thought of a classic subject... Underused talents.
    Sure tons of people write about this subject, so I'll just try to add a little bit of me into what I'm writing and I hope you'll enjoy it
    In every Episode I will talk about two underused talents, ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  4. CM Punk is indeed Money In The Bank

    Well hello there peeps,
    This is my 2nd blog technically (The first wasn't published dunno what i did wrong) Anyway, I just finished watching Money In The Bank, and I'll sort of give my review quickly on all matches, then go on and focus on the main event, which for as far as I can remember is the best match Cena has had in his entire career in my opinion.

    First Match

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