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    Quote Originally Posted by hankamania83
    and if CM Punk or any of you really cared or understood how Disrespectful it is to mock religion. The consequences are very stiff to those who do these things
    FASCIST! Are you an Undertaker fan? Because I'm pretty sure he crucified a couple of people. Just by watching the WWE you're a hypocrite because, for fuck's sake, Vince McMahon had a match against God. It's his company and you and I and all the advertisers are paying HIM and his stockholders for that product.
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    I know this is an old blog and you might have been already run out of town by now but you are the most ridiculously stupid person I have ever seen on the IWC. Seriously, number one. ur even dummer then the ppl who type like this LOLOLOLOLOL 4 LYFE. I really want to zero in on the thing about religion. It's the only thing you wrote besides the shit about his look that actually irritates me. "His Cultest gimmick is offensive, because he make's religion and Jesus out to be a joke, {and in that he brainwashes an entire generation of fan's into thinking that religion is a joke." First of all, terrible English skills, OK? You're dumb. And religion can be a joke. I'm not saying it always is, but if you seriously think that it's unconscionable, in fucking ART, to question and portray religion however you feel like, then you are a fucking fascist. I'd also like to direct your attention to the fact that Punk was a heel and every kid impressionable enough to pattern their lives after wrestling characters hated and probably still hates Punk. Plus he looked way more like Manson than Jesus and one time he even wore a Charlie Manson t-shirt to the announce table. Everything else you wrote is HILARIOUS. You really think that Punk didn't do his job properly? You don't even know if it was a shoot or not so obviously he's doing it properly, dipshit! You think you know better than him? He's the best in the world. That promo and his match with John Cena and his "invasion" at ComicCon, man, those things are EXACTLY what make wrestling wrestling today.
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    Wow, my opinion gets slaughtered....haha... Well Ill just say this, I was a "True Wrestling fan" long before the band wagon jumpers came aboard in 98-02, and IN MY OPINION the WWF was just fine before the adult content turned everybody against "PG"
    I know that CM Punk is a beast on the mic, and I know he is very good in the ring, and I understand he is a great heel..... the reason he offended me with the whole cultist thing is because I am a true believer in God, and if CM Punk or any of you really cared or understood how Disrespectful it is to mock religion. The consequences are very stiff to those who do these things, and I know wrestling is a show {im not a "mark"} I know that its all about entertainment, but when ANYBODY mocks Jesus or God I want nothing to do with that, which is why I dont watch Southpark.
    The Promo was a shoot and I can see that Vince allowed it, but like I said, that's not why I watch wrestling, read my profile.... I loved ECW, and I loved WCW, and I loved the Attitude era, and unlike most of the people who responded to this blog, I love the current WWE, and it's just an opinion that the shoot promo doesn't fit with the current style of WWE programming, and as to where all of the Attitude era junkies loved it, I didn't really appreciate it. So im sorry I offended all of you CM Punk nut-hugger's out there, but it was just my opinion. I guess I should have kept it to myself.
    What I said about CM Punks look, wasn't stupid at all, I mean look at Shawn Michaels- he was a small dude, but at least he looked like a main event wrestler, CM Punk looks like a Drummer to a local "Metal" band... What can a company like the WWE do with a CM Punk? he is never going to be the face of the company, and even if he achieves the title "Best Heel" of the company he will never be the Top Heel {at least for a long period of time}.... I'm Sorry, but I dont like CM Punk, and that doesn't make me immature or moronic, that is just my opinion, its the same way I feel about people who hate Cena, if Cena was in the era before the Attitude era, then everyone would love him, but seeing how wrestling is PG and the poor little IWC thinks a Super face is too corny for them they have to boo the good guy and cheer the bad guy.... i like who I like and I dont care if they are heel or face, if they entertain me then I support them.
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    You are part of the reason WWE has became what it is today, crap. Can't leave well enough alone. Us real wrestling fans appreciate shoots because it's as real as it's going to get. You and the rest of the 13 year olds don't know what the WWE was like. Back then it was actually cool to watch wrestling because of the storylines, actual talent and **gasp** the use of language. I bet you're a 13 year old Cena fan and went to a dictionary and thesaurus just to put together your post. The fact is CM Punk is the best WRESTLER on the mic today since Jericho has left. It seems to me that you are a sensitive retard with nothing else to do but bash Punk because of his non pg promo. Honestly if it wasn't for people like you who live in your diluted world of flowers and tree huggers who want to control everything they watch wwe would actually have great main eventers and even better storylines. What was the 1st WWE slogan? Oh yea WWE get the F out. If you don't like it turn off your tv and don't be a sissy about it. PG was the worst thing they could do because it sprung up losers like you who think just because they heard the word"ass" come from a wrestler it's the end of the world. Seriously. get over yourself.
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    To respond to the author of this post, I will lay a disclaimer that my views as a 25 plus year wrestling fan are not in agreement with what u say. The fact is that everyone has an opinion and everyone has a reason for having their opinion. I find it unsurprising that the likes of CM punk would cut a philobuster on RAW. Many other wrestlers feel the same way but dont voice their opinion on fear of backlash. It may have been "wrong" to say that stuff on air, but it is twice as wrong to be a fascilitator of the crimes that CM punk is talking about. How many people have u seen on a shoot interview bash the next man for some horrendous shit they did in the past
    ? Promo or not, I respect Punk for coming out and saying what he did. I believe him. People really do get screwed. There is kiss assing in the business....yes I said kiss assing. wrestlers are promised things and when they dont get their end of the bargain, guess what? U get speeches like this. Tony Atlas thinks Rocky Johnson is a piece of shit. Eddie G blamed Steve Austin for walking out when he did and voiced his disgust as how it hurt the locker room. WWE did not recognize the deaths of Andrew Martin and Eddie Fatu (Test and Umaga). Ted Dibase Sr despises Warrior for the way he disgraced the title by creating selfish demands. Any of the above aired out could have garnished hatred and opinions just as strong as CM Punks, but the problem is not going away as long as the politicians are still in office. Those examples had some level of politics involved that created friction at some point with these former stars. Punk in my opinion did the right thing for him and maybe the locker room (not 100% yes) and he doesnt care what happens bc he is planning on leaving. Other wrestlers may follow suit, but will have to decide if getting fired is worth it. I thought this was America and freedom of speech and freedom of the press should not be punished by no man who breathes the same air as us all.
    As for the body types and his straight edge gimmick, many former champions come in different types. Yokozuna, Big Show, Andre, Rey Mysterio, Edge, Sgt Slaughter arent bodybuilders but they were great in the ring. Wonder why gym rats like DJ Gabriel , Crush, Ludwig Borga and Lex Luger (in WWE) never really succeeded. I strongly believe that u have to have several aspects of the total package to be successful in wwe and that doesnt mean 6 pack abs and wonderful hair. The straight edge thing was kinda like Right to Censor, but straight edge opened a real life message to people and that should not be looked at as negative. Now dont get me wrong, I am not at all a CM Punk fan, but the guy is a bad bad bad heel with a distinct look, sells T-Shirts, can talk on the table and in the ring, great in ring ability and can lead a faction and make u believe in it.
    I personally think u need to be a little more openminded to the whole thing. Punk had a motive and a reason to do what he did, and if he was wronged in the past, then this is just an example of Kharma coming back and Punk righting that wrong. Some people call it revenge. Dont blame Punk without blaming others because trust me there is more than one main person involved in this incident.
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    so why is cm punk a doggie bag?
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    sorry dude but u got a lot of stuff wrong IMO. calling WWE a 'Real wrestling company' completed it for me -- even Vince said in a recent interview that he does not consider the WWE a wrestling company but an 'entertainment' company.
    in general your ideas were okay but sort of just shot out in any order. better luck next time you blog.
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