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  1. My Report from a TNA live event!!!

    Hello folks, I am just getting the chance to write about the Impact Wrestling event I went to last Saturday from Troy Ohio{6-25-11} here is the match listing and results
    Jermey Buck vs Max Buck vs Alex Shelly vs Robbie E with Cookie...Alex Shelly wins
    Mickie James vs Madyson Rane....Mickie James wins
    Abyss vs Kazarion for X division title....Abyss wins
  2. CM Punk is a D-Bag!!!!!

    Well Punk's Raw rant was probably the single most shocking thing I've ever seen, it was something I hit rewind on and watched again....My thing is, {and i know that anyone reading this along with the rest of the IWC will hate me for saying this} I found it disgusting, unprofessional, and i dont think there is any room for that in wrestling, especially not the WWE. {even if it was a work} If i wanted ...

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