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    Wow, Great blog. I totally agree, managers just add that little bit extra to a character and can be a great character in there own rights, I think (correlating with all the reports) managers are on the up and up, I just can't wait to see who wwe pulls out the bag.
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    I've been saying for the past couple months that the E' needs to bring back some managers.
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    The booking of the end of the match at OTL was crap. This is what I feel should have happened:

    The Miz was getting so frustrated that he ACCIDENTALLY said 'I quit'. The ref would have heard him and say call the match. The Miz would have looked credible and thus making Cena still the champion. The Miz would have had an excuse and say that he didn't really mean it.

    What do you guys think?
  4. teacher_on_da_rampage!'s Avatar
    Look guys i aint complainin but here goes
    The miz is one of the WORST wrestlers i have ever seen, i rate zach gowen above him! Miz cant wrestle and has no technical ability inside the squared circle.

    The wwe loves guys on the mic, but thats just one outlook on the industry, u have 2 be able to wrestle and miz cant!
    watching him literally hurts my eyes!

    Hogan - Ric Flair - Macho man- Bret Hart- HBK- The Undertaker- Austin - The Rock - HHH - Kurt Angle - Eddie Guerrerrrooo!!! - Benoit - and noww

    miz??? WTF
    he doesnt belong here!! no1 takes him seriously. he is a pussy even worse than j.morrison!
    i hope he gets fired actually! hes not good enough!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyA
    To the ones who keep whining and complaining that Miz can't win a match on his own, always picking up the scraps after someone else does the work, yadda yadda yadda... HELLO!! HE'S A HEEL!!! HEELS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO PLAY BY THE RULES!!! They do everything they can, with the least amount of work possible to get that belt (otherwise no heel ever would try to use the ropes for leverage, or pull tights, or use a foreign object, etc). If ANYONE has played the heel role to perfection, it has been THE MIZ!!!
    HHH, HBK, Austin, The Rock, Jericho, Orton, Lesnar, Jack Swagger, C.M. Punk, Bret Hart, Christian, Edge, Angle, Sheamus, Benoit, Eddie, and even CENA are examples of HEELS that can get it done ALONE. It doesn't matter if they cheat or not, but to have someone do the work for you ALL THE FUCKING TIME is just garbage. There are more heels that can do this as well, but the fact is that miz has someone and he doesn't wrestle a match alone that qualifies to be a classic, EVER. The reason why people like Punk and Swagger are because of their skills in the ring and they can have a good match alone. If miz would actually do this at a main event level then he would be credible and respectable. Many people like miz just because he's against Cena.
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    You missed the point. It's Truth's turn in the spot light now, and Miz has to drop back half a step to put A-Ri over. So no, WWE isn't going to make Miz appear to be the king of the earth before feuding with a new face. And why is it the Miz dropping back a step and not Cena? Cena makes more money, R-Truth is absolutely right!
  7. Rick BoA's Avatar
    Honestly that was very long winded, and i only read the first 2 paragraphs.

    But I want to like JoMo, i really do, but for some reason i just cant. His entrance is terrible (music and what he does), he finisher is weak, he cant throw a punch to save his life and he is terrible on the mic.
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