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    The top nine are bang on. Put them in any order you like. Although, I have a hard time deciding which HBK-Taker match is better. But, if I had to I'd say the second. Rock-Austin was vastly underrated. Most Wrestlemania main events fall a bit flat because you've seen so much on the night, Rocky and Stone Cold killed it, it should of been match of the year.

    If it was my list I'd replace Hogan-Warrior with Hogan-Rock. The emotion that night was incredible. It changed the Wrestlemania landscape forever. After then crowds with polarized opinions became the norm. It didn't matter who you cheered for just as long as you cheered. Plus, HBK-Austin deserves a mention for its historical significance. After all, it drew a lot of fans back, me included, it was the start of the Austin Era and the story with Tyson was brilliant.
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    this just puts in perspective how great HBK is at Wrestlemania. He's in 4 of the top ten! & rightfully so. Great list BTW Mooresy
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    This is a very hard list to do and I believe you nailed it on the head. Personally HBK vs Taker was the best match but The Rock and Stone Cold had the biggest feud ever and the flow of the match was insane. Great job bro
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    Wow this is a hard list to do... I Honestly think Bret and Owen should of been alot higher on the list at the very least the top 5, they would be in the top 3 in mine.... Then i got to Add the incredible Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania 20 with Benoit, HBK and HHH.
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