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  1. Thunderlips's Avatar
    Mate- if you dont like it dont watch -which you will. All for everyone having their oppinion but if you couldnt see this happening the second the 3 count was finished last year then unlucky to you. Sit back- crack another tin and enjoy- who knows you may get your money's worth!
  2. Fitman's Avatar
    Really liked the list. But I would make a few changes... HBK/Y2J would definitely be on my list.

    The Savage/Warrior match was so awesome and the post match reunion between Savage and Miss Elizabeth even after watching it a hundred times still brings a tear to my eye. One of the truly beautiful moments in wrestling history.

    I agree with your number one. I know some people preferred the match at 26, but personally I have no problem saying the match at 25 was the best match of all time.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I see various blogs like this with Wrestlemanias from 14-present and trying to get out of actually doing every wrestlemania. Didn't like the Warrior/Savage match because Warrior got up after all those elbows.
  4. buck627's Avatar
    I agree great blog but what about hbk vs Chris Jericho from wm 19 that match was a classic. It's the best match from wm 19 if not at least tied
  5. Phillyraines's Avatar
    Nice blog! Very timing considering the Rock-Cena match coming up which has a chance to be on this list as ozfan said. Triple H - Taker in HIAC as well has a good chance to be a match of the year. I loved each and every match you included! Not one of the 10 shouldn't at least have consideration to be a top non-title Wrestlemania match of all time. I agree that Triple H-Taker from WM27 might be a better choice over Orton-Taker. Rock-Austin from WM19 could also be considered. But a good job!
  6. ozfan's Avatar
    Great blog and I agree. The only things I would change is Orton vs. Undertaker to Triple H vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 27 and instead of Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 25, I would of done HBK vs Undertaker from WrestleMania 26. But other then that, Ozfan gives you a thumbs up and in 3 weeks, you can add John Cena vs The Rock to the list.
  7. Mooresy29's Avatar
    @pjpjr6 If you read my earlier comment i stated that ive seen a lot of WM Blogs with matches like an Inferno match, Six man hell in a cell, quadruple submission matches among other ridiculous and far fetched ideas. What i meant by a realistic card was matches that could have a chance of happening at Mania, and not the ridiculous ones that i mentioned above, and as for the Cody/Dolph match i said it would never happen because both are heels, but its a more realistic option than a fatal four way buried alive match, anyways thanks for the comments.
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