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    @wsm1996 You don't want to "read/hear" it, yet you read it and went out of your way to leave a are the definition of a moron.
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    I watched wmlast year and probably gunna this year too. I might not want to see supercena vs hollywood johnson but I'm not bitching about it. You don't want to see then piss and moan on your own time, I don't want to hear\read it. Damn
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    While the line-up card looks rather decent,its all up to the wrestlers and hype videos to keep us interest and invest to the storyline,also how they perform,I keep myself low expectation for this year WM,except for whoever Punk face and HHH/Lesnar match
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    Quote Originally Posted by #BITW
    this "majority" you speak of is actually the smallest demo of them all which is kids.
    He is right but then again your blind hatred of Cena will not allow you to agree with this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToiletBowl
    Yet another person crying about the main event. Look at it from a pure business standpoint. This is the biggest possible match the WWE could have at their biggest PPV of the year. I think Diva matches are the biggest wastes of time and space, yet I'm not going to cry and complain about having a diva match on the card. I am looking forward to seeing Punk v Taker, Sheamus v Barrett, Del Rio v Swagger, HHH v Brock (for the all out brawl possibilities), etc.

    Plain and simple, get over yourself. It's about appealing to a mass majority, not a vocal minority. Wrestlemania is an event that casual or even non-fans will watch. Non-fans have heard of Cena. They know who the Rock is. Non-fans have no fucking clue who CM Punk is.
    this "majority" you speak of is actually the smallest demo of them all which is kids.
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    Well geni, give us your amazing wm card that isnt a yawn?
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    What a negative nancy!!!
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