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  1. toobeastly33's Avatar
    I agree with jags. I'm not sure why you put so much stock in Ryder. Love the ending to the Rock/Cena match though
  2. Jags's Avatar
    I would only change the way the Survivor Series match goes, Ryder gets all the pins in your card.

    Here is how I would do it:

    1. Sin Cara pins Hunico
    2. Dolph Ziggler pins Zack Ryder
    3. Christian pins Mason Ryan
    4. Sheamus pins Dolph Ziggler
    5. Sheamus & Christian get counted out
    6. Jack Swagger pins Sin Cara
    7. Kofi Kingston pins Jack Swagger
    8. Wade Barrett kicks out of Kofi's finisher & pins Kofi after
  3. Shaz11's Avatar
    Great booking, I would love too see all these matches on the card.
  4. abarasch523's Avatar
    seeing a rock and sock reunion would be amazing since i might be going, great blog
  5. Lucha_Libre's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by WrestlingNerd
    ROH's Best in the World is another one that should be considered on that list. I didn't see any of the TNA PPVs besides Bound For Glory, which was good, so I can't really criticize this list, but based on what I've actually seen, TNA PPVs are crap 95% of the time. Solid list though.
    Sorry I live in the UK so I can't see ROH
  6. midian's Avatar
    Wade Barrett vs Shemus
    Beth Phoenix vs Awesome Kong (when she returns) Divas Title match
    Tyson Kid vs Brian Danielson (help Kidd's cred and his own)
    Stick Claudio vs Tyler Black on the main shows
    Dolph vs Swagger by turning one of them face
  7. Lucha_Libre's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sahu
    DB n Kofi is not a gud one....Kofi is a gud upper-midcarder..not a main eventer....

    Sincara Azul Vs JoMo will be a gud one along with Cody vs Punk ( the only diff shud be for World championship not for IC)
    I used IC to get its presige up
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