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    Well, regarding WWE becoming dull, (like I mentioned) it really is an opinionated answer. There's no right or wrong, IMO. You may think it's been dull, but surely there's people out there who think the opposite.

    And, Yeah, WWE cares about merchandise sales. They're a business, if they don't have any kind of Marketing or Merchandising whatsoever, I'd imagine it'd be hard for them to make extra money.

    Thanks for the feedback though. It's hard these days to find a wrestling fan who can express an opinion without jumping all over someone.
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    is WWE "becoming" Dull? Well, I hate to break it to you but it has been dull for about 4 years.

    And the reason why the PPV is going to suck and every PPV after will suck is because the WWE does not care about giving you a good wrestling show, they know that you will see the merchandise they are selling. Thats all they want out of you
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    I'd put this in the threads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KSTornado
    Too lazy to type it out?
    I'm just utilizing the option of video embedding. Nothing wrong with it. If you don't like it *Shrugs* read someone else's blog.
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    No, Stone Cold won't put him over, and a loss will kill Punk's momentum.
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    Too lazy to type it out?
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    Punk has the ability to tell a story, but you gave the worst example of it. You might as well say Warrior was an unparrelled storyteller because he shook the ropes, meaning his move was going to be groundbreaking. Storytelling is when two wrestlers tell a story from the start, middle, to the end. The story can be as simplistic as a heel working over the babyfaces arm and the babyface trying to overcome the odds with a bad arm.
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