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  1. 2002: A Dynamic year in WWE - Part 1: January to April

    February 2001 ; ECW goes belly up.

    March 2001: Vince McMahon buys wCw and gains a monopoly on the business.

    2001 was the year the wheels began to come off. The loss of Triple H and Chris Benoit, two of their prime workers at that time, a failed heel turn for Stone Cold Steve Austin along with a failure of an angle called the Invasion were just the main things needed to ...
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  2. WWF stopped being cool in 2001

    I have read a few blogs in the last few days that really have shed some realisation on what wwe, and wrestling really is today. It is entertainment, as it always has been.

    Rated_R(ob)KO and THE_CRIPPLER in particular have written really great blogs that reflect reflect what the wwe is about right now. CRIPPLER about the overall state of wwe and where they are/already have been moving ...

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