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The Next Big Thing

  1. My last event as a WWE fan

    Hi everybody, this isn't some overreaction. I decided that this year's Wrestlemania would be the perfect way to bow out of being a pro wrestling fan. If the show lived up to the hype there is no doubt I would be eating my hat and watching tonight's raw and invested for the future. Luckily I am okay with leaving this show behind. I try to defend WWE time and again from the barracking that the IWC ...

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  2. Matches I expected to see by now AKA dream WrestleMania blog

    Hello folks, thought I'd give a little write up about some things I have always expected to see in big ppv's. Pretty much matches, some of which I have thought would have been perfect for an already legendary rivalry that would just be an extra thing to spoil us. Match types that I am surprised haven't been taken advantage of that I always thought that would have been epic.

    Does ...

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