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The Next Big Thing

  1. A VERY LONG Blog about The Rock and his career as a wrestler

    Hi everybody, the last few days there have been an overwhelming amount of blogs that have appeared, some for, most against, The Rock. If you haven't read my blogs before, or forget, I grew up as a WWE fan in the 80's, and quickly my hero's were Hulk Hogan, Million Dollar Man (definitive heel), Macho Man Randy Savage and funnily enough Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (he really had a lovely head ...

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  2. The truth about The Rock's return

    Hello wrestling geeks, how are you all today? If you don't know me, I've been writing the odd blog for a few months. It's great fun but something that I have tended to do is write a two parter that may receive some decent feedback when half way done but is sadly enough to not spur me on. I work 10 hour days 5 times a week and do a lot of travel to and from the hell hole itself on top of that, so ...

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