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  1. 2004 the year WWE stated going bad

    So I've been watching all the PPV's in 2004 and i believe this is wear WWE started getting worse let me explain

    1: some good things
    OK so thought i should just begin with what they did right befor going negetive whitch if you didn't get it from the title there will be alot of. 1st paying dues the veterans get there 1st world title Eddie, Benoit & JBL they actually had a suprising ...

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  2. A couple of ways to make WWE PPV better

    NOTE: some of these can be used in TNA PPV's aswell

    1: Sunday Night Heat/Superstars
    bring back the hour programs befor the PPV it gives an undercard wrestler some PPV time & it also gives you time to have some backstage interviews, Add, Add a match stipulations basically just build up the story in a vary of ways. not to mention it also gives you some extra's on DVD's
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