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  1. Joonny's Avatar
    JoMo vs CD

    = Epix sweetness
    Oh... Make it a Ladder match.
  2. Cynicism's Avatar
    Morrison vs Daniels is the only match on that list I'd pay to see.
    Though Punk vs Angle would be somewhat amazing I think.
    Christian already had some great matches in TNA, its almost nicer to imagine him against WWE top tier talent. Christian vs HHH in a non burial match might be good to watch and the promo's would be fairly amazing

    The dream match of MCMG vs Edge & Christian wont ever happen now, but it might have only been my dream. Alex Shelley vs Justin Gabriel might be nice.

    Beth Phoenix vs Sarita
    Gail Kim vs Winter
    Those are the two women's matches I'd like to see.

    Wade Barrett vs Robert Roode

    Am actually struggling to think of a good series that hasn't happened. AJ Styles vs Taker could be nice as AJ could carry a match well enough using taker's big name to sell.

    This would be easier if Y2J was back.
  3. Toby Fox's Avatar
    Punk v the Hardy brothers, THINK OF THE PROMOS.
  4. Steve Austin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PHENOMINAL ENIGMA
    LOL i also did Yoshi vs Okada
    Raci... I won't go there again haha Seriously though, good blog.
    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Austin
    Some pretty good match ups in there. R-Truth vs The Pope, Racism? Haha I'd love to see Sheamus vs Crimson/ Samoa Joe, I bet it would be a great match.
    LOL i also did Yoshi vs Okada
    Quote Originally Posted by b1ak
    Switch Daniel Bryan and HHH -- HHH vs Samoa Joe would be AMAZING, and Double J is overrrated, but Daniel Bryan would carry him well enough.

    You forgot Mickie James, shame on YOU

    Abyss vs Kane I agree with (thank you nrb)
    --Barret vs Morgan, forgivable in the interim ...

    Bourne vs Amazing red, Gabriel vs Kenrick

    Zack Ryder vs Storm? Really? Ryder vs Matt Hardy, come ON --

    Beer Money should face. well, I guess Otunga/McGillicutty only because there's no one else

    the Miz should face RVD and Orton should face Sting, the Undertaker is retired, seriously, give him up, you're just pretending at this point -- Sting vs Michaels would be a better choice, but really, if you put any value in Sting, he should go against the Viper (that's orton for those who aren't paying attention), not some has-been like Mark Calloway, leave him for the crows.

    What's left -- Shaemus vs Mr. Anderson would be a GREAT match, while Crimson vs ............. who cares? Who is he anyways?

    Christian vs J.Hardy? Really? REALLY? J.Hardy is washed up ... how about --

    J.Hardy vs Undertaker, since both are GONE from the wrestling business! They would put on a good show

    Christian vs the fallen angel and Morrison vs Crimson. That fills in their two holes.

    And because we're pretending:
    KURT ANGLE VS SHAWN MICHAELS -- the best match in the HISTORY OF MAN
    John CENA Vs HULK HOGAN because why the hell not?

    Am I forgetting someone?
    I know cant believe i forgot Mickie I Origianally had her vs Kharma but when i decided to put Traci, Jackie & ODB in she got lost in the shuffle.

    I did HHH vs JJ because their both Good & partly own the companies

    I would love to see J hardy vs Undertaker but i really dont care for seeing sting or Undertaker any more so just threw them together. also I dont remember J hardy & christian ever having a 1 on1 (maybe back in their tag days).

    I wasn't going to insault Beer Money by having them face any WWE tag team

    I dont think crimson & Morrison would have a good match

    HBK is retired & I only used people on roster pages (except Traci, ODB & Jackie)
    Quote Originally Posted by nrb6304
    Yeah I won't lie some of these are pretty good, some you TOTALLY missed.
    CM Punk vs. AJ Styles? Seen it
    Daniel Bryan vs. Samoa Joe? same

    Would much rather see:
    Daniel Bryan vs. Kurt Angle
    John Cena vs. AJ Styles
    CM Punk vs. (actually there really isn't anybody in TNA I'd be dying to see face Punk.....)
    Abyss vs. Kane (EASY! How'd you miss that one? JW)
    Wouldn't mind seeing AJ Styles vs. John Morrison either
    Just because you have seen it doesn't mean they couldn't do better I wouldn't want to waste AJ on Cena & I tried to limit the dream matches every1 says they want
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