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    Quote Originally Posted by DUBS
    I think if a wrestler in Cena's position were to beat a top heel in a feud and that top heel came back from that lost like The Miz did, that's not burying at all IMO.
    Yea, but pretty much a heel who gets beaten by Cena has to then avoid Cena at all costs just to keep some credibility after that.
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    I think if a wrestler in Cena's position were to beat a top heel in a feud and that top heel came back from that lost like The Miz did, that's not burying at all IMO.
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    Gud BLOG!!! I like Cena till he burrid Xtian...I mean His feud with JBL was the last feud which I loved...after that, he was sent to RAW n he defeated Xtian, Y2J, Kurt Angle, Edge one after the other...damn, I felt bored n very much stupid...I got pissed of him..when he won the TLC match against EDGE...n they mt have shown him losing to RVD cleanly..but NO..

    My only question is...will he or any other wrestler's image will hurt if they lose to some one as incredible as RVD or Kurt??

    NO...but, why Cena never lost to RVD cleanly??
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    I cant stand Cena at all. Last time i was a fan was early '07. He just dnt interest me in a positive way. Another thing, I always read that Vince won't make him heel due to negative merch sales and i find that hilarious. Sure Cena has a lot of kiddie fans but last time i checked kids dnt buy merch or tickets. Adults do. And if most teens and adults wanna c him heel then as fans a paying customers they should get their money worth.
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    Good blog. Don't agree with you on the "Cena buries everyone in his path" part though. But good blog nonetheless.
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    @Sony, your spot on mate, I remember watching Bret Hart v Curt Henning recently; it was a early match before Curt became Mr Perfect. It was only a random TV match and yet watching actually made me sad, because it has been so long since I enjoyed wrestling the way I did back then. Sometimes I think like you said; maybe it was just me remembering my childhood with rose tinted glasses. But I don't think thats the case; everything was so rushed during the attitude era, that you never really had time to build anticipation. The tension built up during the months before one of the big 4 supercards, is something that people who never lived through that era will ever understand. I for one; would take Randy Savage v Ricky Steamboat over any possible match nowadays. Now that I think of it; think Randy Savage, and then think of the superstars nowadays; they are mostly all cookie cutters; no out the world personalties anymore.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sony
    I will agree that the attitude era was great (mostly because of WCW imo), but the golden age era (1984-1992) was the cream of the crop! t had better storyline build up (3 months between PPVs), more charismatic wrestlers (not even the Rock can hold a candle to Jake "the Snake" Roberts promos), Better feuds (due to buildups), better Tagteams, better announcers (Bobby Heenan/Monsoon or Jesse Ventura/Vince were much better than Lawler/Ross imo).

    The attitude era, although very entertaining, consisted of very little wrestling and catchphrases for cheap pops. I find it really ironic that people who complain that there is not enough wrestling in wrestling promotions today are the same people who claim the attitude era as the best era.

    I grew up on the Golden era and attitude era and the one thing I have realized is that what ever era you grow up on is always the best era in your opinion. If you ask the 12-15 yr olds today what the best era in wrestling was in 10-15 yrs from now, they will most likely say it is the "PG" or "Cena" era and they will be bitching about the current era being not as good.
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    So can Cody Rhodes.
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